Ontario Adventure Rowing Association (OAR)

Annual General Meeting

 Barrie Rowing Club, Barrie, Ontario

 10 am, March 23, 2019


1.   Call to Order

2.   Notice

3.  Quorum

4.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

5.  Business Arising Out Of Previous Minutes

6.  Reports

        a)   President

b)   Treasurer

c)   Secretary

d)   Registrar


7.  Fee Schedule

8.  Equipment

        a)  Inventory

b)   Rental

c)   Other

  9.  2019 Distance Schedule

10.  Row Canada ‘membership model’: sanctioning and event management

a)  Touring Manual

 11.  Strategic Questions

12.  Five Year Financial Plan

13.  Election of ‘odd year’ Board members to 2 year term:  6 positions

The terms of the following people expire in 2019: Peter Burstyn, Pat Hyslop, Jean-Christophe Marley, Homam Michael, Donna Speigel

 14.  Other Business

15.  Next Meeting

16.  Adjournment