Quinte Rowing Club and Ontario Adventure Rowing Association will be hosting the Icicle Chase again this year on Saturday, October 16th.

The location will be the same as previous years – around Wilson Island in the Trent River, west of Stirling at the bridge on Carmel Road / First Line.  As usual we can expect a variety of weather at that time of year, so be prepared for sun, wind, rain, snowflakes…….. and always a great time.

The circuit is 20 km, half on the winding, beautiful back channel behind Wilson Island and half on the wider, more open Trent River.  It will challenge both your rowers’ fitness and your cox’s skill!  After launching beside the Carmel Road bridge, crews will be timed from the moment they pass under the bridge until they pass under it again, but you can also just enjoy the fall
colours if you want to.

The row begins westward in the calm meandering Back Channel, rounds the end of Wilson Island into the open water of Percy Reach, then down the Trent River (with the current) to the east end of the island, where the crews will have to find the entrance to the back channel (green channel marker T99) and row back to the starting point.  The back channel is lined with lily pads,
cottages with docks, but apart from a few short stretches, the clear water is wide enough to allow overtaking.

The course will be rowed in coxed quads, T11’s.  You can bring your own equipment or use equipment provided for the event (OAR boats and Quinte Rowing Club boats).  There is the potential to have seven (7) T11’s available.

There will be a safety boat on the water.  We would request each boat have at least a cell phone to be able to maintain contact with the safety boat operator, any one of the other boat on the water, the contact at the launch area, or call 911.

Registration Form and Payment of $55.00 per person or $250.00 per crew are to be sent to Arnold H. Vandermeer, email: meer.AHVandermeer@gmail.com

Registration is open from Saturday, October 2nd to Sunday, October 10th.

Preference will be for crew entries.  Please attempt to form a crew and submit a Registration Form for each crew member with RCA number and Emergency Contact Information as a single package.  Payment can be provided directly by each individual in the crew ($50.00 each) or one person pays $250.00 on behalf of the crew.

You may enter as a Women’s Quad, a Men’s Quad or a Mixed Quad.  A ‘mixed’ crew may not include more than two oarsmen.  Coxes in all crews may be of any gender.

You may submit an individual entry and we will attempt to form a crew for every five (5) individual applications received on a first come / first serve basis.  If a crew can be formed, you will be advised accordingly.  There will be no refund if you have been assigned to a crew and decide to cancel.

The Registration Fee is to recover cost of equipment use, trailering,= and the provision of a portable toilet.  There will be a partial refund to clubs who want to bring their own equipment.

Arrive at the site at 9:00 am for rigging and launching, anticipated start time should be around 10:00 am with staggered starts (one boat at a time).



For Arrival:

Show proof of being fully vaccinated including the 14 day window as per Health Canada guidelines.

All participants have completed and signed the “Assumption of Risk, Liability Waiver and COVID Conduct Agreement” which provides information for contact tracing. This information will be kept for 30 days after the tour should it be required by public health.

All participants will have completed the on-line screening tool, http://covid-19.ontario.ca/screening/customer within 12 hours of the start of the tour and will show the organizers a copy of the green screen with a checkmark upon arrival.

If more than one trailer is bringing boats, trailers to be kept separated by more than 6 metres between them.

At Launch:

Boats will be launched one at a time to maintain separation

Overall Hygiene:

All participants and any land support / volunteers should sanitize frequently.

Distancing and Masks:

Maintain 2 m separation when unloading, rigging, launching, derigging and loading boats, and at rest stops or meal stops.  Wear a mask when not possible to maintain 2m distancing, you are not required to wear a mask when rowing.

While Rowing:

If changing seat position, please sanitize accordingly, all touch points must be sanitized at every change of crew, including the cox seat and after each time the boat has been lifted.  The only exception is at the beginning of the tour if the boats and equipment have not been used for 5 days.  Do not exchange with others, any food or water that you bring along.

Change in Health:

If you develop COVID symptoms during the tour, you will be directed to Covid Isolation area away from the launch area and notify the tour organizer, Arnold H. Vandermeer. A Covid Kit consisting of gloves, masks, sanitizer and Ziploc bags for hygienic disposal of soiled PPE and other items will be located in the COVID Isolation area.  The person should leave the site as soon as practical after isolation.  Complete the self assessment tool at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/ either while waiting to be picked up from the tour site or as soon as they get home.  The individual shall follow the steps outlined after the assessment.

If you develop COVID within 30 days of the tour, public health will work with you regarding any concerns with the tour and contact tracing.