This Tour is Now Fully Subscribed

This is a full day tour, open to rowers with a full season of sculling, and preferably with experience in a quad.

Participants will meet in Perth at Last Duel Park at 9:00 AM.  Boats will be unloaded and a few vehicles as well as the boat trailer and van will be shuttled to the end point at Poonamalie Lockstation. Those not shuttling vehicles will rig the boats.

The Tay Canal is a historic route, built in 1831 as part of the Rideau Canal system. We will follow the canal rowing through a rural landscape, passing period houses, farms and marshland, as well as sections of the Pike River, from which the Tay Canal was built.

The first leg of the tour is approximately 10–12 km. We will stop for lunch at Beveridges Lockstation and pass through these two locks separated by a short canal. You may bring your lunch or pay extra for one.

After lunch, the route continues to the Rideau Canal and Lower Rideau Lake, ending at Poonamalie Lockstation, west of Smith Falls. The afternoon leg of the tour is approximately 8–10 km. There may be time for a swim at the take-out point (if it is warm enough by then!).

The tour will likely end between 3 and 4 PM. 


After the row, you may wish to enjoy dinner in this picturesque heritage town or stay overnight. Participants are responsible for their own arrangements.

We are fortunate that Perth is hosting a Spring Night Market on Saturday evening with food, entertainment and local artisans:


Registration Deadline: 14 May 2022, for registration and full payment. Registration is limited to 20.

OAR membership: Rowers must be members of a club affiliated with the Ontario Adventure Rowing Association or be independent members of OAR.

Don’t forget:

  • lots of drinking water,
  • your own government approved PFD,
  • lunch,
  • a hat and rain gear (if needed) – CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST!

Please note that COVID-19 regulations, established by the Province of Ontario and in force at the time of the tour, will be strictly followed. Current regulations:

Other links of interest:

You Tube Clip: section of the Tay Canal:

Town of Perth:


Additional information contact: Louise Binette, ONEC Touring Committee,