Saturday, October 3

A first look at part of the route planned for the 2022 FISA World Tour.  Launching in Gananoque, we will row downstream with stops in Ivy Lea (after 16 km) and on Grenadier Island (a further 10 km).  Crews should be able to drop out (or join in) at Ivy Lea.  A hike will be possible on the island after lunch (a nap may also be possible).  After a further 8 kms, we will finish at Mallorytown Landing.  All stopping points are on beaches.  The scenery is amazing.  The starting time will be as early as is convenient to all participants.

The plans are not finalized yet, because of uncertainty about Coronavirus restrictions.  We may be able to use the OAR quads, but it is also possible that participation will be restricted to doubles and singles.  It would be appreciated if people bring their own boats, if at all possible: but all boats must be suitable for open water.  We hope that we will be able to find and borrow doubles and singles for people who need them.  Participation is restricted to members of OAR.  Participants will have to look after themselves as far as accommodation, food, drink and transport (except perhaps transport back to a car left at the starting point) are concerned.  Participants will be asked to follow a strict coronavirus protocol, and to waive all their rights to legal recourse.  Participants are responsible for their own insurance.  There will be  a fee: it will be just enough to cover the costs.

I hope all that hasn’t put you off!  Please indicate your interest to Peter Jepson,, as soon as possible, with information about crews and boats (for example, if 5 people would like to row a coxed quad together, let me know).  We will do our best to accommodate everybody who says they would like to come by 16 September.  No crews will be thrown together the day of the reconnaissance.  If you have already sent me an e-mail, don’t worry, you’re on the list.  More information will be sent as soon as possible.