This tour is organized by the Hanlan Boat Club.

The tour will start in Bala Bay, then head through Wallis Cut into Dudley Bay.  From there, we row up the west side of the bay, past Miramichi Island, through Lowes Narrows, into North Bay.  A quick spin around Victoria Island, back through Lowes Narrows and down the east side of Dudley’s Bay, to Jannick’s Narrows, where we will re-enter Bala Bay.  The distance is about 22.5 km.  We should be back to the beach by 1:30 P.M. and will head to a nearby cottage for lunch and a dip!

Contact:  Cynthia Warn,  e-mail:


How to Register

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Fees : $40 for each of Muskoka tours or $60 for a week-end combo