July 29, 2023

No one loves going through locks…unless it’s the Peterborough Lift Lock!  Then it’s actually fun!

We launch from the Peterborough Rowing Club, 3599 Nassau Mills Rd, Peterborough.  We row south along the Otonabee River to the famous Peterborough Lift Lock and then through Little Lake in Peterborough to lunch at Lock 19 on the south edge of the city.  After our delicious catered lunch, we will continue south on the Otonabee river finishing at Squirrel Creek Conservation Area.  The approximate distance is 24km.

Launching from Peterborough Rowing Club is a civilized affair as we are using their docks.  Landing at Squirrel Creek involves a refreshing beach landing for our hot feet.   The swimming is excellent at Squirrel Creek, so feel free to bring a bathing suit.   We will have to arrange car staging as we are rowing in one direction!

 The tour organizers are supplying boats, oars, life-jackets, water in jugs, maps of the routes, lunch, waivers for signature, a first-aid kit, and a sense of accomplishment.  Regarding lunch – If you have dietary restrictions or ideologies, please let us know as soon as possible.

The participants will bring sunscreen, a hat, a reusable water bottle, and a sense of adventure!  A fanny-pack life jacket, if you have one and would prefer it.  A rain jacket – if you bring it, it won’t rain.  If you don’t…


Rigging at 9:00

Launch at 9:30

Degree of difficulty:  Intermediate, locking through

Important information:  There are washrooms at launch, lunch, and landing!


The tour fee is $85.00 (if your club is a member of OAR or you are an independent member of OAR, otherwise contact me) and can be e-transferred to

How to Register

Complete the Registration Form and email it to Cynthia at