June 24 – 25

Building on the great interest this tour found last year, we are making it a 2-day tour this year.  The first day is similar to last year, with the focus on the Lost Villages of Long Sault and area.  We start at Cornwall Rowing club in Guindon park and row in a more southerly direction this year, staying outside the Long Sault parkway until we are opposite Wales Village.  We will pass over the lost village of Dickinson’s landing.  At this point we enter the waters of the parkway and go to Sol de Acapulco for lunch.  On our way back to the club, we will stop at Wales Village and then coast home with the current.

On the second day we will start close to Ingleside at the entrance to the Parkway.  We will row westward, past the many campsites of this area, past the bird sanctuary and the lost village of Aultsville.  We will have lunch at the beach of Upper Canada Village.  The site of the battle of Crysler’s farm is close by and well worth a visit.  The memorial of the battle is on a hill and offers a wonderful view of the river and the village.

Both days are approximately 22 km of rowing.

How to Register

The Registration Form is here. Email the completed form along with your e-transfer to Kevin at kellysgrove@live.ca

Fees : $120 - Accommodation not included. Book your own.